Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Lovin' the Craft!"

I love to create, and find myself getting lost in the process. I tend to lose all track of time, focusing my attention solely on whatever project I am involved in. I like to explore and experiment with a variety of mediums. Some of these finished projects have been wonderful, while others...well...not so great. Throughout all of this, though, I learn more about the artistic process.

My art is always a reflection of those people and things for which I have a passion. You know, just as with any thing, art follows trends, with specific subjects and/or mediums being more popular than others. Raven, mermaids, and fairies are among a few subjects which have recently had their day in the sun. For me, however, the trouble is, I can't bring myself to paint something that has no personal meaning for me. I just can't get excited about mermaids and blackbirds!! So....I missed the boat on both of those buying bonanzas.

I have learned and continue to learn so much about myself through artistic expression. First and foremost, I have to please myself. Then, hopefully I will have produced a work that will bring pleasure to someone else.

Thanks so much for visiting!