Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a Little Flighty

I created this digital collage in response to a challenge presented by my fellow mixed media/collage friends to create a piece of art based on the word, "flight". You know, sometimes people refer to a person as flighty and don't necessarily intend that as a complimentary term. However, according to Princeton University (and those guys are pretty smart!) the word "flighty" is defined as "guided by whim or fancy". I kind of like the sound of that. So...from now on, if someone calls me flighty, I'm going to take it as a compliment.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Find J. B. Guess at Serendipity Collections!

I am just absolutely delighted to tell you that my dear friend Jana has graciously set aside a section of her fabulous site, SerendipityCollections.com, to showcase my work! I hope you'll all drop by and browse her site. She has the most unique gift items I've ever seen, and her customer service is second to none!

Jana, you are the best!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fairy Tale Tattler: Beauty's Sleepless Nights!

The latest edition of Fairy Tale Tattler has the inside scoop on that famous sleeping beauty, Aurora. After her hunky prince of a husband awakened her with true love's kiss, it seems that the princess was not content simply to live happily ever after in the lap of luxury. Never one to shy away from manual labor, Aurora set herself to work clearing the grounds of the underbrush which had overtaken the grounds of the palace during her one hundred year nap. She did not stop to consider the possibility that a cup of strong coffee might be a good way to begin this industrious project, especially after such a sound snooze.

Unfortunately, lacking the valuable "manual dexterity" and "common sense" genes, our fair princess pricked her finger again, this time on the thorny vines surrounding the palace. Her cries of pain could be heard throughout the kingdom as Aurora dropped her pruning shears and dashed off to the palace walk-in clinic, terrified of falling into yet another multi-year slumber.
Interestingly enough, however, the palace doctor found that Aurora's body had acquired an extreme immunity against future finger-pricking episodes. The frustrating result of this immunity is one hundred years of sleepless days and nights!

In an attempt to pass the time, Aurora has been hard at work developing a new line of designer garden gloves. In order to ensure that the gloves live up to the "pierce-proof" guarantee, she has hired an elite squad of seamstresses to spin the fibers tightly on custom designed high-tech spinning wheels.

In her efforts to catch a nap, poor Aurora has tried every possible sleep-inducing remedy, including warm milk, hot baths, Ambien, melatonin, and C-SPAN reruns. She even purchased a herd of Serta counting sheep, who are reportedly happy and relieved to be working full time on the palace staff. So far, it seems that the only option left for Aurora is simply to wait. She is becoming increasingly irritable, demanding that the prince stay awake and keep her company. One of the sheep, speaking on the condition of anonymity, related that the prince sneaks out of the palace on occasional afternoons, catching a few winks in the sheep quarters while they cover for him by entertaining the princess with their ballroom dancing routines. We can only hope that the royal marriage is strong enough to withstand this tragic turn of events.

We’ll keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Sister, "The Stories", and Kool-aid Gate

I have the best sister in the world. We are neighbors, co-workers, and life-long friends. She has and always has had the patience of Job. I say this because, well, I have a tendency to be a little on the spontaneous side, and have always had quite the flair for the dramatic. I've always told her that I count on her to keep me reined in, and she always comes through for me.

I remember my sister very rarely getting into trouble when we were growing up, and there's a simple reason for this. She just didn't mess up all that often. ME, on the other hand....well, let's just say I was probably one of those kids. You know them. They are the ones whose parents say, "If I'd had you first, you would have been an only child!" My parents never said anything like that to me. I don't know that they ever even thought it. I only know that if I'd been the one raising me, I definitely would have thought it, and probably would have said it!

I could tell stories for days about the shenanigans that went on around our house when we were growing up, but I'll just start with this one for now. People called us the Cleavers, except that my Mother did draw the line at house-cleaning in high heels while wearing a string of pearls. We were a family who always sat down for dinner together every evening. Meals were always home-cooked, and well-balanced.

We generally drank Kool-aid with our meals, and it was my sister's job to make and pour it. Every day, without hesitation, she would get herself into the kitchen to get that Kool-aid mixed up and poured. Every day. She also would pour just a little bit more Kool-aid in her glass than in mine. Me, with my finely-tuned subtle nuances, would screech and howl at the top of my lungs, "You got more Kool-aid than I did!!!!!" , to which she would reply, "Oh, I'll fix it". She then would proceed to drink the excess Kool-aid, savoring every extra drop! This always guaranteed an additional screech.

So...this was our routine. Kool-aid mixed, poured, screech, drink, screech again. We had ourselves a nice little system, UNTIL that infamous day when I was visiting with my grandmother. She loved to watch the soap operas. "The stories" is what she called them, and her favorite was "The Doctors". I noticed that, at least once during each episode, a righteously indignant woman would haul off and slap the dickens out of somebody. Sometimes it was a woman, sometimes it was a man. That part wasn't important. What WAS important was the reaction. The person being slapped, the slap-ee, if you will, always responded with a look of shocked horror, gasping and holding his or her cheek, followed by the screen immediately fading to black.

Hmmmm. I was fascinated by that sequence. Indignant slap, shocked gasp emitted by slap-ee, slap-ee holds cheek, fade to black. I loved it!!! Never being one to shy away from a little bit of creative experimentation, I was anxious for the opportunity to give this scenario a try myself. Of course I didn't have to wait long, because it was almost time for dinner, and, if you've been paying attention, you know what happens right before dinner. Yes.... none other than Kool-aid-Gate. I could not wait to finally see the wheels of justice turn and end this travesty forever. Just as predicted, my sister poured the Kool-aid into the glasses, and , of course, her glass had more. I screeched on cue, she drank the excess Kool-aid, and I followed through with a quick but very noisy backhand right across her cheek. She didn't skip a beat. She didn't bat an eye. What she DID do, was return the favor right across my cheek! If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the exact sequence went something like this, indignant slap, slap-ee (me!) emits shocked gasp, slap-ee (me!) holds cheek, fade to black, screech (again by me).

I'll never forget my mother's response. She never looked up, just said, "I'll bet you never slap your sister again".

And I didn't.