Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About New Years Resolutions

First of all, let me just say thanks to my 23 followers for not dropping my poor neglected blog like a hot rock. It's been a little boring around here, to say the least. You see, my life has been so hectic that I figured I could either hang on for the ride, or stop to write about it. As you can probably tell, hanging on for the ride won out.

Which brings me to the topic of resolutions. I have decided not to call them resolutions this year. There is just something about that word that is a little, umm....pressure inducing. You see, I've never been any good at keeping resolutions. Oh, I make them. Every year. The same ones, over and over again. There is nothing imaginative about my resolutions either. Lose weight, exercise more, get organized, blah...blah...blah.

So, I have decided that the problem might be with that word, "resolution". I mean, who really uses that term anyway, except at this time of year? I prefer the term "annual goals". (That might have something to do with my background as a special educator. My paperwork is full of annual goals, and there is no option to blow them off, either.)

Through my etsy shop I have found a camaraderie with a group of ladies, most of whom are within a few years of my age. We share artsy tips and techniques, but also chatter about our similar personal experiences and interests. We confide our joy, our fears, our triumphs, and our disappointments. We laugh, cry, and pray together. I've met these wonderful people through the world wide web, and have frequently struggled to come up with a term that accurately defines my relationship with them. I've called them e-friends, virtual friends, and cyber-buddies. There was just something about these terms, though, that didn't sit quite right with me. It occurred to me recently that I don't have to make a distinction between these ladies and my local friends. They are, quite simply, my friends, and I am truly blessed to have them in my life.
So, my first goal is to make a point of coming here to my blog at least once each week to chat with my friends.

Now, about my second goal. I have it in my head, but I think I'll wait and tell you about it next week. Stay tuned! :-)