Thursday, February 28, 2008

Featured Artist: Kim Rodeffer Funk

Tonight I am honored to showcase the talent of an amazing artist, Kim Rodefffer Funk. Kim describes her painting as "an internal process which leans toward contemporary and abstract expression". She does not attempt to define the art for the viewer; rather, she encourages individual interpretation of her work. Kim has her art on display in a gallery on her website. Stop by tonight. You will not be disappointed! The following is just a sampling of the works that she offers.
Please note all text, artwork, photographs and any other images are property of the artist, Kim Rodeffer Funk and have a copyright. All rights are reserved.
Contemplation 1
30x40 deep, gallery wrapped canvas

Horizon 6
30 x 40 deep, gallery wrapped canvas


Kim said...

Awe, thank you Jess! I do appreciate very much you showing my work here and giving your readers a heads up on what I am about! Being here is indeed an honor!


Jean Levert Hood said...

Kim's work is nice. These abstracts are so colorful. Beautiful feature!

Lynette said...

Jess, I enjoyed visiting your blog and helloo Kim, what gorgeous paintings!

Cestandrea said...

Hi Jess, I love Kims work (the first two images would not load up to my computer,, though) and like the way you are writing about her! And your blog is very interesting too, I will be back! Have a wonderful Sunday