Friday, April 11, 2008

Pieces of April!

My family refers to April as "The Birthday Month", because we celebrate three birthdays in April! My sister, her son, and my youngest son were all born in April. We never miss an opportunity to party, and the birthday month gives us lots of reasons to get together and celebrate! My youngest will be 20 years old on the 21st, officially ending my teenager-raising career. I have always made a concerted effort to cherish every phase of my children's lives, but I must admit feeling a little sentimental about this milestone.


Serendipity Collections said...

I had an awww moment when I read this. It is sad (but happy too) when you leave one phase for another! I LOVE this card! It is so cool like everything you do. Happy Birthday to all the Aprils in your life!


Jessie said...

Good Morning, Jana!! Thank you for your comment!! I'm trying not to get all mushy sentimental about Sam's birthday, but this one has caught me a little off guard!


glitterstar said...

My son turns 6 at the end of the month. I know his 20th will be here sooner than I wish.. ;)

Doodlesprouts said...

Happy Birthday to everyone! No matter how old our kiddos get it is always so bitter sweet as they pass one milestone and move onto another. Thanks so very much for sharing! Great read!!