Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tribute To My Dad, King Of The World

I'm grateful to have the opportunity today to tell my Dad just how much he means to me.

We have always joked that our family has the unique tendency to break into song and dance at every available opportunity. Most every conversation reminds at least one of us of a song, which leads to a loud and raucous rendition of whatever song happens to pop into our minds. This generally results in an eye-rolling observation by my oldest son that we have got to be the "singing-est" family he's ever seen.

We have a family tradition of watching the Capitol Fourth concert every year at the 4th of July. Never does a year go by without taking a spin with Daddy to that magnificent music. When I was a little girl I always danced on his feet; in recent years, however, I have tried to avoid stepping on Dad's feet since that could possibly put him out of dancing commission for some time.

Genetics has done its work well, as the newest members of our family also have the music in them. The closing credits of the movie "Madagascar" are currently most likely to create a desire to "move it, move it!" in Amelia and Thomas J.

Daddy has stepped up to the plate and gone far above and beyond the call of duty as a father and as a grandfather. Try as I might, I can't come up with words appropriate to tell him how much he means to all of us.

It happened that my niece (Amelia's mother) showed me the sweetest little book, called "Dance Me, Daddy", that she had bought as a Father's Day gift for her hubby. It's based on the Point of Grace song called "King of the World". The song just smacked me right in the face with a rush of wonderful memories. It defines my childhood and my father's relationship with my sister and me.

We love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Proverbs 24: 3-5

"Theres nothing better than being your girl and if I am your princess
then Daddy you are the king of the world."


Pam said...

Beautiful Tribute Jessie!

readingsully2 said...

JB my flowers are posted now if you want to come by. I am so sorryt that it got screwed up...:)

Very lovely tribute to your DAD

Marlene said...

Hi, I Wanted to let you know I have awarded you the Premio Meme blog award. Please stop by my blog, when you have a chance, to pick up your award.