Monday, March 31, 2008

Featured Artist/Etsy Shop: PaperFields! Shop here for Mother's Day!!

If you haven't already discovered this shop, let me please encourage you to take a minute and treat yourself. This lady's work is simply a feast for the eyes! She designs and creates a unique line of greeting cards using digital collage and a variety of beautifully elegant ephemera. These cards almost defy description! I ordered a set of these and can personally tell you they are among the most beautiful cards I've ever seen! They are just perfect for that special person in your life, when a drugstore card just won't do. An added bonus to the quality of these products is the opportunity to do business with such a lovely seller! I promise you won't be disappointed by the time you spend with Jana at PaperFields!
The images above are a sampling of the cards that Jana offers in her Etsy shop. The link is

Jana also has a website, called Serendipity Collections, that is an absolute "must see". We all find ourselves needing something a little special for those people in our lives that mean the most to us, and this website meets that need in such a delightful way! The first time I visited the site, I found myself wanting to visit the place in real life! It has the atmosphere of a charming tea room, where good friends sit down to visit. The images below represent just a sampling of the items offered at

I have some of these adorable little pendants, and I just had to showcase them here! There are so many cute varieties that I had trouble deciding which image to display.

Opening one of Jana's boxes is a treat for the senses! The scent of lavender wafts out and I find myself just stopping for a moment to take in the experience!

Thanks for reading about Jana's shop and website. Hope you visit soon!