Friday, July 18, 2008

Illustration Friday Topic: Enough!

I'm not currently owned by a cat, but have been in the past. I also continue to be intrigued by the complexity of the feline persona.

Through my experiences, I have drawn the following conclusions about cats. They are completely uninhibited, incapable of being shamed or chastised. In their view, they simply do nothing wrong....ever. They don't generally need humans, and don't really even like us very much. They tolerate us though, because they know we are the ones with the debit cards, the driver's licenses, and the access to the local grocery store aisles lined with cans of gourmet kitty food. Therefore, they do permit us access to their world....just enough to suit their purposes.

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MizKatie said...

I have one cat who is exactly like you described. We call her the "keeping it real cat". heh! I also have two who are completely opposite. One male and one female, Persians. They are clingy lap cats who crave attention. Persians are like little puppy dogs. They even come when they're called.

Jessie said...

"Keeping it real"! That's a perfect description! Cats don't seem to ever want us to think they like...or need us too much.
You have cats that come when called? Amazing! Maybe they are having an identity crisis, and think they are dogs? Whatever the reason, I'll bet they are lots of fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

janie said...

yes but don't you just love their independence, and it's such a treat when they do deign to curl up on your lap for a bit of affection:)
beautiful cat's eye.

INDIGENE said...

I love the view! I'm owned by a (20) lbs. dog-cat named Oscar and you must know him since that description fits him completely. Nicely done!

Shano said...

Love cats! Especially their eyes!

LoopDiLoops said...

Wow, you are quite the artist!


PotatoMamma said...

fabulous light in the eyes, nice transparency illusion!

thanks also for stopping by at my blog :-)