Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fairy Tale Tattler-Dorothy Exposed as Alien Imposter!

Fairy Tale Tattler has breaking details on the eerie disappearance, and even eerier re-appearance of Kansas resident, Dorothy Gayle. Dorothy was missing and feared dead in the aftermath of a devastating F3 tornado. An extensive search was eventually called off after no sign of Dorothy was found, leaving Poor Auntie Em and Uncle Henry no choice but to have Dorothy declared legally dead.

The couple managed to cope with their grief by occupying themselves with the reconstruction of their heavily damaged farm, made easier by the large life insurance policy paid to them following Dorothy's untimely demise. They reportedly managed to find a silver lining in their cloud of despair by using a portion of the life insurance money to pay off their sub-prime adjustable rate mortgage on the farm.

Understandably, it came as quite a shock to both of them when a large multi-colored object came floating to the ground out of the clear blue sky. Inside this object was an organism in human form, claiming to be none other than Dorothy Gayle herself!

She maintains that she has been somewhere "way up high" for the past several weeks. Authorities are in the process of conducting drug tests, to determine what, if any, illicit substance could be causing this "high". Although the young girl has passed several polygraph exams, as well as a DNA test, Auntie Em is adamant that this could not possibly be "her Dorothy". She has been quoted as saying , "My Dorothy had a distinctive pasty gray complexion. This girl's cheeks are far too rosy. She is definitely an imposter!" The family farm is scheduled to be auctioned next week, in order to repay the insurance money.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

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