Monday, August 4, 2008

Fairy Tale Tattler- Rapunzel's New Look!

You asked for it! Here it is; the latest and juiciest edition of "Fairy Tale Tattler"!

Today's issue features an exclusive on the life of that lovely princess, Rapunzel. After years of sporting those long, silky locks, the single mother of twins finally consented to a complete makeover by none other than Stacy and Clinton, the fashion gurus at The Learning Channel.

They found Rapunzel to be a willing participant, even going so far as to wield the scissors herself when the time came to chop off those frequently-climbed tresses. A quick shampoo and a touch of mousse is now all she needs to style her short and sassy 'do. Reportedly, the only request that Rapunzel made was that all of her new clothing items be in shades of purple, to reflect her status as a royal.

The experience proved to be so rewarding that Rapunzel decided, with the assistance of TLC designers, to make over her tower apartment into a funky urban loft! Despite the objections of TLC staff, Rapunzel insisted on using her ribboned ponytail as a wall hanging. She was overheard in heated discussions with production crews saying, "You ya-hoos have slapped everything from mud to hay to feathers on the walls in people's homes. It's my hair and it's going on the wall!!!!!" She loves the look, and says the hair on the wall makes "a unique conversation piece".

Apparently both segments ended on a positive note, because Rapunzel will be joining the cast of the immensely popular makeover show this fall. Stay tuned!

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