Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swearing Off Resolutions & Some Exciting News!

Well friends, it's official. I cannot keep a New Year's resolution for the life of me. If you recall, I had set myself an "annual goal" to post here on my blog at least once weekly. (I also set a goal to clean out all my closets, but we aren't EVEN going there.)

Fast forward to August 18th, with a long expanse of uncharacteristic quiet between May 3rd and today. We had a few bumps in the road last spring, and I lost my bloggy mojo for a while....hence the lengthy silence from me, the woman of many words.

I've learned a little something about myself. It really doesn't matter if they are called annual goals or resolutions or promises. If I try to hold myself to some kind of commitment around the first of the year....chances are it just ain't gonna happen.

Now, on to the awesome news! J. B. Guess & Co. is now J.B. Guess & Co., LLC! My sis and I are partners and we have expanded our product lines. In fact, we now have two etsy shops to accommodate the different categories of items. The original J. B. Guess & Co. is still on vacation, but will be active within the next day or so. Hope you'll pop over because we have new gift items that are exceptionally unique and cool, in my humble opinion.

The new shop is called Mimi & Pinks Fun Stuff For You! and it's live now.
We carry paper and party goods in this shop. You'll find cute bottle labels, and stickers for parties, showers, weddings, and identifying baby items...and yes, some of our items are a little on the snarky side! Oh, by the way, speaking of snarky....we're moving Snarkalicious Greetings to the Mimi & Pinks site.

The coasters and tiles will still be at J. B. Guess & Co. I'll let you know when it's back up and running. I promise to also fill you in on how we came up with the names for our shops. There is a story there, of course.

So the purpose of tonight's post is to make two official announcements:
Announcement #1-We're back in business with bells on!
Announcement #2- Aside from saying "Please pass the black-eyed peas and cabbage" I'm through with New Year's proclamations of any kind. Do me a favor and remind me of that around Dec. 31st, okay? Thanks.


Kathy said...

Welcome back Jessie!!!!!!
I have missed you and promise to come and visit. My shops are in vaca mode, trip to Pa. today...(I will wave on our way thru) but I hearted you and I want to say congrat's. Much luck in your new shop...

Kathy said...

I just left a long post and poof, gone!
grrrr, for now I say congrat's...and see you soon.

Jessie said...

Thank you Kathy!..and prayers go with you on your trip; also praying for your Mom and the doctors who are caring for her.

MOLLYE said...

ha shame in failing in your ressies. The only shame is not getting back up after you fall. Love you,Mollye and Congrats on you and siters endeavor!!!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Welcome Back Jessie. I am horrible about blogging regularly on my personal blog too. Although I am on time on blogs I run for events, I think I need to set a weekly feature and maybe I would get to it! lol

What a cool new shop! Welcome your sister to Etsy :)

HiFi said...

Haha. Great post! I thought at first that it was going to go downhill as you finished your article, but then you recovered with a semi celebration of your new business. Congrats! I love how these things always work out.