Friday, October 8, 2010 and Our New Website!.....well, almost.

This may not be a newsflash to those of you who know me best, but I have been known to have a bit of an impulse control problem.   Not about everything now mind you.  For example, I never jump into the deep end of a pool without first testing the water.  (In fact, after testing the water, I generally tend to forfeit jumping into the pool at all.  See, that would be a lot like exercise, which is another thing I don't impulsively jump into.)  BUT, I digress.  

There are certain facets of my life in which I leap before looking, however, which leads me to the topic of this post.  My sister and I have a new website!  We have decided to go with, which is a fabulous e-commerce site that targets entrepreneurial women like us.  I wish I could tell you I'd found Shoppepro first, but the impulse-control impaired portion of my brain would not allow me to be patient and wait until I found the site that was a perfect fit for us.  I foolishly assumed, since I have a little bit of photoshop knowledge, that designing a website would be a piece of cake.  As a result, we have two domain names, both hosted by other domain hosts.   After four false starts with other web hosts, three major glitches  from a different e-commerce site, two downloads of website building software, and too many failed attempts at building a website template to count, I am officially humbled by the skills of website designers. 

The moral of this story is simple:  Do a little bit of homework before jumping into the deep end of website design and domain hosting.  There is a perfect site for you, and I am grateful to have found ours in Shoppepro.  They wrote the manual on how to be user-friendly, and they included no codes of any kind!  Their customer service is also second to none!   So far I've only had to contact tech support twice, and they were very prompt in responding to my questions.

So....back to our new website.  Our address is  We are still under construction so you'll see links to our etsy shops.  Bookmark the link and visit often, though, because we'll be adding all kinds of new goodies.

Thanks ShoppePro!!....and thank goodness for free trials.


Marlene said...

Sounds like a good place to do business and I will visit when you are up and running.

Kathy said...

Good luck Jess, and sis

Anonymous said...

I shall pop by and have a look. good luck with this
Also if you get chance pop by my blog and grab your freebie.
Have a lovely week
hugs June